Membership in the National Corvette Racing Association is available and open to all persons. We are seeking people who
regard the Corvette as "America's Race Car"tm, and wish to be a part of this rich racing heritage.

Membership will provide persons with unique, members-only preference, privileges and benefits. These privileges and benefits
will be available to members for, but are not limited to, NCRA clothing, gifts, event discounts and NCRA sponsor discounts.

All persons are welcome to participate in NCRA events, but only members will receive the membership preference and

For a limited time a one (1) year membership in the National Corvette Racing Association is free of charge. Just print out the
application form and mail, with a self addressed, stamped envelope to NCRA, PO Box 504, Littlerock, CA 93543-0504.

NCRA will not sell or trade our membership list to any other organization except as specified below.

NCRA has been authorized to use the GM/Corvette trademarks, and as a condition of this use General motors may request a
list of our membership for their records. By signing the application for membership you agree to allow NCRA to provide your
membership information to General Motors.