About Us
The National Corvette Racing Association was formed as a non-profit association for all
persons who love the Corvette and it's racing heritage.

We will highlight the Corvette's extraordinary racing history by bringing together in one
"America's Race Car" tm., for all to enjoy.

Our focus is on the pure essence of Corvette racing as it was presentd to us by the
pioneering men, (and a few women!), who built and raced these awesome machines for the
thrill and love of racing alone.

Today, the people who have painstakingly restored and rebuilt these race cars can, once
again, bring them to life on the tracks, capturing the spirit of friendship, competition and
enjoyment that the Corvette racers embodied from the beginning in 1953 up to the present.

The NCRA is here to recapture those days and bring back the Glory Days of Corvette racing
that revolutionized the sport of auto racing in the United States and around the world.